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How the IRS is targeting small business owners and GIG economy workers

  • What triggers a ‘correspondence’ audit, what to do if you get the letter.

  • Why the IRS is going to disallow many of your business expenses and cost you thousands in taxes and penalties.

  • How to use free apps to get your bookkeeping and tax deduction work done, easily.

  • Bookkeeping and Tax records for the gig economy worker and self employed.

The easiest marketing trick ever invented and how it brings us up to $1,000,000 a day in new revenue.

  • Hear the story of how we buy stage time at someone else's seminar or meeting to pitch our services. We’ll give you the exact method that led us to selling 103 new clients at $10,000 each in a single day.

  • Then how to leverage that secret into finding 100 grade “A” clients that will let you make $833 a month net so you have long term income in the 1,000,000 plus range year after year.

  • SPEAK and get clients – a secret that brought in one million on a Sat. morning

Here is KC Truby, discussing his over 50 years of business experience IN SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR PODCASTS FOR ACCOUNTANTS AND BUSINESS OWNERS